Tuesday, December 8, 2009

five-person show

I'm going to be in a five-person group show in late January (25th - 29th). I'm showing with several other emerging artists of different mediums and standpoints. I imagine the reception would be on the Thursday so, if you have time, come down. More information later or if you want to know more comment or contact me.

december now...

New post and it has been a while. School has been a little hectic but here I am and I have pictures. For the past little while I have been occupied with studio classes and other classes mainly focusing my time in foundry and in video. For foundry, I have been working on a bronze apple. It's really surprising that I spent perhaps three months on something that's as big as my fist. I've also been working on some absurd videos. The last one I did was, more or less, a modern take on Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. If you're interesting in seeing it or perhaps buying it, contact me via email. I will have pictures and possibly the video uploaded soon but no promises on the video. I might just take some screenshots of it. Anyways, here are some pics of the paper version of myself I entitled "Big Dummy"

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