Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer's almost gone, here's some art

Here's some art I did over the summer. I've also decided to make a graphic novel based on my life and have planned out an entire chapter/intro/prologue. More on that later. Other than that, I'm going to be starting school soon, work on my gods series, make some more paper sculptures (gods, goddesses, and possibly a life-size t-rex skeleton), and possibly some more tv and computer work like you see here. Anyways, hope the Internet and the arts are treating everyone well and you are all having a wonderful summer.


  1. Sweet! Samus, Mario, Donkey Kong, and the Power Rangers. Haha, Joel and I were just talking about the zords a few days ago. How can anyone go wrong with a combination like that?! The only one I can't figure out is the second one with the purple and blue hues. I'm lovin' the fact that you extracted all forms from the images, and they're still familiar. Just goes to show you how iconic these 'things' have become. Definitely successful pieces, but jeez, how many monitors have you found! haha

  2. The Game Monitors: This is abstract art I can get behind. It's amazing how well you have made them work with the very simple and lighthearted painting. I personally like the Metroid one best, I love the texture and colours, and I think that it looks craft-y in a very good way.

    As for the paintings, I just love the concept in general, and you have executed it really nicely. Especially the Dragonzord one, it's really nice how "fun" it seems. The use of almost stock Thrift Store paintings is just perfect. I don't think the Samus/Metroid piece works nearly as well as the Dragonzord one, but by no means is it bad; I just think the Dragonzord towers above it in mood and composition.

    It's also really fun to type Dragonzord.

  3. Hey man awesome stuff! I love the fact that you painted these images onto monitors, photos, etc. Kinda like what Mike is touching on, I kinda see this as you redefining the 4th wall when it comes to pop culture. usually these images are confined within the outlets that they are displayed (such as the monitors), but I feel with this series the monitors do not encapsulate the images, but brings it more to a more equal level.

    Sorry I dont know if that makes any sense, but good work buddy!

  4. Haha these are so sick. Great work!